Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I learned two new programing languages during this project, interactive c and the language for Arduino. I also learned how to do some wiring for the cell and that to procrastinate just makes you stress more and that is not such a good thing. I renforced the the things that I learned in bio to be able to show mechanicaly how the cell works. I also learned that I should not rely on other people or parents to do or get stuff for me. I need to be efficent and not slack off. fromm the start I knew what I wanted to do and had an image of what it had to be.
My goal was to create a robot that shows the function of a plant cell. The lights were to Ribosomes, a strip light was to be a Golgi complex, the motor was to be the Mitochondria, the batteries were to be the ATP, and the Arduino was to be the Nucleus.
I actually achieved my goal, I had to change the plant cell into a Plant-Like Protist because I put wheels onto the bottom that would make it more and plant cells don't normally move. So the wheels are Flagella.
I think that if I were to do this again I would not procrastinate because I didn't do any of the project over my Christmas vacation. I would also do a little bit more of the reading to beable to wire the cell because my dad did most of just the wiring.
Next for my project I want to make a touch sensor so it can run in to walls then turn around. I also would like to be able to use three push buttons on one code.

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