Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cell Bot:I want to have a cell Robot that will show functions of a cell.It will have the nucleus be the code and mitocondria be the batares to hold the energy gathered by the chloroplasts as solar panels. I want the Ribosomes to be LED lights and light to move through the E.R. It will move. I also want a piece of the membranes of each organell to beable to open. Timeline:I want to have most of the code basics down and some of the physical structure done by Thanksgiving. By two weeks after Thanksgiving I want to have two simple codes and a way to get the code into the robot.By X-Mas I want to have everything work even if its not polished.Skills and resourses: I have started to study Mechanical Engineering. My dad has access to cutting tools and Lexan and we have a good size workshop at home.I will be able to show the proses by pictures of each stage.I will know when I have met my goal when I have shown the functions of a cell to my Biology teacher.

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